Musings and photos of my attempts to create edible food.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Beginning

For a while I have posted photos of particularly successful meals onto Facebook for the world in general to browse - everything from roast potatoes to profiteroles. I decided recently that this should change. I like taking photos, I relish food and enjoy cooking. I feel it is a small logical step to attempt to take things further and share my (sometimes obsessive) attempts to produce good food with the world.

I intend (although we shall see how this intention works out) to shift towards regular postings, across as wide a breadth of categories (genres / areas / styles - what should one call the groups into which we subdivide our food). Imminently I hope to produce a pumpkin pie worth posting about (the pumpkin is baking off as I type) and we shall see what follows. To kick things off however one Black Forest Gateaux, with cherries soaked in improvised kirsch (artisan vodka soaked over the cherries with sugar until a wonderful sweet cherry vodka was achieved).


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