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Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Birthday Dinner

For some crazy reason, this year I decided to cook a dinner in honour of my birthday. "Why not?" I foolishly thought. So after many weeks of head-scratching and much practice, the menu was pinned down as follows:

Gravlax and Sourdough
Traditionally cured salmon served on fresh sourdough, with a leafy salad and a dill mustard sauce

Lemon Sorbet

Haggis Ravioli
Fresh Ravioli filled with haggis and served with a whisky cream sauce

Baby Plum Tomatoes and Pesto Topping

Baked Hake
Hake baked whole on-the-bone, served with a butterbean puree and crispy bacon

Apple Foam

Triple Beef Pie
Slowly-cooked brisket, chuck and shin of local beef served in a suet pie with mashed potato

Rosebud Tea Granita

A trio of flavoured profiteroles, berries, white chocolate and caramel

Caramel Macchiato Panna Cotta

Coffee and Chocolate Terrine
A dark chocolate terrine served with fruit coulis

Six full dishes, 5 smaller between course things. To add to my burden I thought I would try and record it all for your reading pleasure. I was hampered by a combination of forgetting to take photos at key stages and a flat battery half way through service so I might fail on my original plan of writing up every dish, but expect to see more posts over the next few weeks!


  1. Oh no! Not apple foam!!! You've been watching too much Masterchef ;-)
    Apart from that and the haggis it all sounds stunning. Looking forward to reading all about it.
    (how do they do that foam thing anyway?)
    (why do they do that foam thing anyway?)

    1. Dead right about too much masterchef - spot the smear on the gravlax plate :P
      Foam is very easy but you will have to wait (I will tell you that you need a trip to holland and barrat and a hand blender).

  2. I want the triple beef pie! Mmmmmm...